SMSystems is an online hazard reporting system developed for medium and small companies requiring an effective Safety Management System.

SMSystems is a hosted service.  SMSystems can be quickly implemented into the operation.  As a hosted service access SMSystems allows users access from anywhere with internet service.  The program is designed to reduce the administration of Safety Management for small and medium sized organizations.

  • Designed for small to medium sized aviation companies!
  • A hosted service, no installation necessary, works with Explorer, Safari, Firefox browsers.
  • Reporting and tracking system that can be easily implemented into your Safety Management System!
  • Organize your Hazard Reporting System, SMS Meetings, AOSH Meetings, or both.
  • Provides email alerts to key personnel when Hazard Reports are submitted to SMSystems.
  • Create Audit Checklists which for required regulations.  Audit findings can generate Hazard Reports.

 If you would like more information about this safety management tool please contact us.